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CNC машини
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CNC machines for processing facade materials, wood, mdf, plastic and etc.

CNC machines for for processing and engraving marble, granite, stone

CNC machines for fabrics, cartons, glass


MICROTEL  company was founded in 1993 in the town of Kyustendil, Bulgaria. The company is mainly concentrated on esigning and manufacturing of CNC machines for processing marble, granite, glass, wood, MDF, Chipboard, Bond, plastics, Plexiglas and other materials. The company professionals with proven experience in the field of engineering.

Thanks to effective management and continuous new technologies and high quality of the machinery MICROTEL company have a market as highly leading manufacturer of CNC machines, not only in Bulgaria but also in Europe and Asia.


22 years of experience in the production of CNC machines

More than 20 years Microtel company works in the field of design and production of CNC machines.

Meeting the requirements of different users

The product range of the company cover a broad spectrum of consumer interests and the requirements of our clients.

Тhe highest European standarts for reliability, safety and quality

The machines are equipped with high-tech CNC automated system integrates accurate ergonomic design, firmware etc.

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