CNC Stone Routers are specially designed for working with rock materials. In the stone industry, these machines are used to process marble, limestone, granite, artificial stone and any other type of rock material. As universal computer-controlled machines, this class of machines is used for engraving, milling operations, drilling, hole cutting, 3D ornamentation and many other basic and auxiliary operations in the stone industry.

Model 07-10 is the smallest representative of CNC machines for the production and shaping of rock products. The machine is equipped with a precision drive, a professional spindle and water cooling in the work area, which provides exceptional comfort at work, efficient distribution of production time per unit of product. In combination with the software – VCarve PRO offered with the equipment of the machine, this machine becomes an extremely powerful, multi-operational and efficient production tool for companies in the stone industry.

The machine is especially suitable for inscribing monuments, engraving ornaments and 3D ornaments. With great success the machine can be used for work on WOOD, MDF, PLYWOOD and others. softer materials. The machine is suitable for making souvenirs, icons and other products from these materials. This makes the 07-10 model extremely versatile and covering the needs of a large number of users from different industries.




  • Dimension: 1300х1400х1500 mm
  • Working dimension: 700 х 900 mm
  • Thickness of the processed details – up to 100 mm
  • Profile steel and aluminum construction
  • Servo motors
  • Manual spindle  2 – 3.3 kW
  • 24 months

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