Class NESTING machines is specially designed to work with flat materials. In the furniture industry, these machines are used for cutting chipboard, MDF, Plywood, Corian, PVC, Plexiglas, HPL and many other sheet materials. As universal computer-controlled machines, this class of machines is used for engraving, alignment, milling operations, drilling and many other basic and auxiliary operations in the furniture industry.


The smallest representative of the NESTING ROUTER family of the company MICROTEL is the model 13-25. However, this machine has all the capabilities of its larger counterparts of the same class.

The machine is especially suitable for companies in the furniture industry, producing UNIQUE furniture from MFD, companies processing large quantities of Plywood, companies producing PVC BATHROOM FURNITURE, companies producing DOORS, CHILDREN’S PLAYGROUNDS, companies in the ADVERTISING industry  and many more.

The working size of the machine (1300×2500) is consistent with the most commonly used formats of sheet materials – Plywood, PVC, Plexiglas and others.

The software of the machine is extremely convenient and allows the user to show their ingenuity and create unique products.




  • Dimensions 1850х3500х2500 mm (H/L/W.)
  • Working dimension 1300х2500 mm
  • Material thickness – max 120 mm
  • Solid construction
  • Servo motors
  • Vacuum worktop with zoning option
  • Automatic spindle from 4 to 8 kW
  • Automatic toolchange – 8 tools
  • Possibility to connect a discharge table
  • Easy and convenient CAD-CAM – software with video tutorials
  • 24 months warranty

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