VCarve PRO

Why did we choose VCarve Pro for our machines?

VCarve Pro provides a powerful, intuitive software solution for creating and processing details using a CNC router. VCarve Pro gives you the power to create complex 2D models with profiles, pockets, holes, cutting, engraving, as well as import and process unlimited types of vectors and 3D files and models. ‘Pro’ gives you unlimited desktop size, number of tools, optimization of sheet details and job assignments. VCarve Pro is suitable for both amateur and industrial use.


Tri D Corpus is software written by furniture manufacturers for furniture manufacturers. More than 5,000 companies are helping develop this program everyday.

Even though Corpus is NOT an interior design software, it’s responsive 3D design supports manufacturers throughout the planning and presentation, shortening the turnaround time from days to minutes.

At the same time, Corpus is preparing all the information for the production, calculation of cost and sale, as well as parts lists, manufacturing and assembly documentation.

The main advantage of the software is the fast optimization of the materials used, together with all the elements and holes in the cut details and direct connection to the CNC routers of the company MICROTEL.


Cutting optimization software. Extremely convenient software for cutting details from different materials. The use of the software guarantees the best placement of the details and the least waste loss.

It is used in various industries such as glass cutting, sheet metal parts, cutting chipboard and MDF, building panels, plastics, acrylics and more. Whether the source material is sheet or rolls, once you define the cutting details, the software requires just one mouse click to optimally arrange the details on the material. This requires minimal skills from the operator to generate optimized layouts. The software helps reduce material losses, save time and labor.